8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream – The Rolled Ice Cream Madness

Ice cream is easily the most popular food in the world, with crepes following not far behind. However, when people talk about rolled foods, ice cream rarely or never comes to mind. Some of the foods that pop up when we are having discussions about rolled foods include Swiss Cake Rolls, enchiladas, crepes, California rolls and burritos. Part of the reason why people rarely think about making rolled ice cream is that it seems like an impossible task. However, if you can get ice cream in soft serve, scoop or dotted form, you can make a delicious rolled ice cream. You need not worry if you’re not a confectionery engineer, because that’s where 8 Fahrenheit comes in.

Located at the centre of Campustown, 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream are Thai fried ice cream gurus. This particular type of ice cream requires a cold grill chilled down to approximately 8 degrees Fahrenheit turning cream into delicious sweet ice cream. 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream promises an ice cream experience like no other. Originally from Thailand, Thai fried ice used to be served as food by street vendors. Recently the delicacy’s influence spread to America and has been gaining increasing popularity year after year. Usually, you can make Thai fried ice using ingredients such as fresh fruit, brownies or cookies. The ingredients are mixed with cream on top of the grill and frozen to create an exceptionally appealing confection. The result is something to be praised by both regular and occasional ice cream eaters.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the establishment’s location is how open it is. The kitchen is completely exposed and showcases all the equipment required to create the ice cream. There is a standard crepe griddle employed in making giant creepers and a square metal surface which looks cold to the touch. Since only a window separates you from the kitchen, you get to witness the entire ice cream making process, which is very exciting. The process usually starts by pouring cream on the grill and then chopping the ingredients with paint-scraper-looking spatulas and combining it with the cream. When it becomes solid, it is thinly spread on the grill to create a rectangular shape. Next, the ice cream is scraped off the grill and formed into rolls after which the rolls are placed in a cup and completed with the toppings.

8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream brings Thailand’s famous fried ice cream touch to Atlanta, where the food making process is just as exciting as indulging in the food itself. Watching 8 Fahrenheit’s dynamic scoopers/rollers/employees/team make each particular order on the top of a fryer is almost hypnotic. Basically, this is how it works: a base liquid is poured onto the ice-cold metal surface at eight degrees Fahrenheit by a staff member. There are five base flavours that 8 Fahrenheit offers. These include chocolate, green tea, Thai tea, mango and original. The liquid is frozen to form a creamy texture which is then chopped, mushed and prodded by the staff member. Next, the staff member puts in whatever flavour you requested and super thinly spreads out the base across the cold surface. Then in a manner that’s partly manual labour and partly a performance art, the staff member uses a spatula to scrape off some ice cream column forward creating several rows that get picked and vertically placed in a cup and finished off with your selected toppings.