Beautiful Desserts Made Right Before Your Eyes

The menu displays some very delicious looking selections such as a variety of savoury and sweet crepes and healthy options such as vegetable smoothies. Fahrenheit 8 clients can order from the seasonal menu, which features an ice cream flavour and an extra three toppings for just $5.99 (leaving your financial situation from hurting too bad). The ice cream menu features a rich selection of standard flavours that you would expect to find in a regular ice cream joint such as strawberry and chocolate, as well as rare flavours such as Thai tea and matcha. In addition, you can choose to have three extra toppings on your ice cream.

One of the most popular ice cream selections at 8 Fahrenheit’s menu is the espresso-flavoured ice cream which goes well with whipped cream and strawberries. Another popular selection is the Nutella crepe which forms a fantastic combination with bananas and strawberries. The Green Mile, which comprises green tea and lychee, is always something to look forward to. The Evil Barry, made initially with blackberry, raspberry and blueberry, as well as Nesquik made using bananas and chocolate with nillas, are also quite the ice cream delight. Toppings include pretzels, candies, whipped cream, and various fruits.

An argument can be made that the food served at 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream are too pretty to eat, and rightly so. Any order you make at the establishment effortlessly qualifies as Instagram worthy. However, it is meant to be observed, as well as devoured. A delightful experience awaits once you take your ubiquitous Instagram shot.

For dessert, you’ll want to go to 8 Fahrenheit for the same reason you head to Benihana when you are craving stir fry. It’s a uniquely mesmerizing show where the team creates edible art on the top of a cool metal canvas. The fantastic team at 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream may create a short fun message for you depending on your order. For instance, The tongue-in-cheek Black humour featuring brownies and chocolate Oreos is usually accompanied by a joke or message, which the 8 Fahrenheit team creates using chocolate sauce directly on the ice cream slab before rolling up the ice cream and gently placing it on the cardboard bowl.

Watching the 8 Fahrenheit team make the crepe is equally exciting. The batter is poured on the griddle and spread using a wooden spatula in a circular motion. Just like pancakes, crepes are ready when the bottom-facing side is brown, and the upward-facing side is dry. The staff then generously spreads the warm crepe with fresh fruits and Nutella and folds it to two thirds. In other words, it’s a sight to behold. The Nutella is perfectly balanced so that it does not bleed and make the crepe mushy. It also doesn’t overpower the crepe’s flavour, which is sweet with a touch of vanilla. One of the best combinations is banana and Nutella mainly since bananas bring a uniqueness to the dimension of the spread. Strawberries, on the other hand, incorporate a tartness that reduces the richness of the Nutella. Rather than a plate, the crepe is served on a paper holder which is very creative.