The Never Ending Flavours of 8 Fahrenheit

The flavour is very much on point, and the coffee is not overbearing at all. Although espresso can add some bitterness to food which can be a little overwhelming, it can create a subtle cocoa taste when done properly. The strawberries bring another dimension to the flavour by incorporating sweetness that graciously compliments the coffee. The ice cream is more flakey than creamy. The ice cream rolls can be a bit difficult to navigate, so you might want to eat one layer of the roll at a time which is quite useful.

8 Fahrenheit is quite popular with folks around the Buford Highway neighbourhood. It’s not uncommon for patrons to recommend 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream to their family and friends. For example, a couple who have long been patrons of the establishment recently recommended 8 Fahrenheit to two of their friends who are also a couple. The latter couple agreed to the new idea on a tried-and-true frozen adventure at 8 Fahrenheit. When they made a trip to 8 Fahrenheit, one ordered fifty shades of grey which comprises banana and chocolate, while the other went with sexy peach which comprises Thai tea and peach. The couple were blown away when they received their orders saying that they were cool to try and incredibly flavorful.

8 Fahrenheit gets quite packed, especially during the summer months mainly because kids are out of school, there’s a lot of heat, as well as the sheer novelty of the experience. When fall begins to approach, and schools start to go back in session, the lines are a bit shorter. However, no matter the length of the line–whether long or short–the ice cream is definitely worth the wait. You are guaranteed to have fun and delicious, flavorful combos. The team at 8 Fahrenheit changes the flavours every month and recently started experimenting with liquid nitrogen.

8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream offers one of the best ice cream experiences. Therefore if you are in search of a new and exciting ice cream joint around the Buford Highway area, then 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream is worth considering. It’s so much fun to watch the food being prepared. It’s even more exciting to eat food. With every visit, you will want to go back to have another taste of the flavorful combinations. 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream has been a fantastic addition to the Buford Highway neighbourhood, which is famous for experimenting with foreign cuisines and cooking techniques.